The Team

Red Thread is a team of adventurers dedicated to the belief that we can make the world a better place if we act as one big family. We strive to make the world smaller and more caring by raising funds for worthy causes, participating in challenging activities and inspiring others with our stories.

Mike: World traveler, visionary, businessman and frustrated creative, Mike worked for years in the corporate world serving in every functional organization except finance. Mike's motto (via Mark Twain), "all you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure" has proven its worth on this adventure already. The logic goes something like this: if we knew what we don't know, then we probably wouldn't go. Mike's role is chief of operations, medical officer, documentarist, and co-pilot.

Carol: Explorer, risk-taker, and reformed vegetarian, Carol's mantra "it's all for the children" is never far from her mind or her lips, especially when things get challenging. As a long-time social entrepreneur and currently the Global Director of Partnerships at OneSky (formerly Half the Sky Foundation), her work has helped change the lives of thousands of orphans in China. Now she is about to do the same for kids in Vietnam. An inveterate traveler, Carol has soloed the wilds of Central America, the caf├ęs of Europe and the breadth of China. Carol's role with Red Thread is lead fundraiser, diplomat, and mixologist.
Tom: A true Renaissance man, Tom's adventuring skills are matched only by his wit and calm demeanor. Having criss-crossed the globe for several multinational corporations on a Quixotic crusade to bring the voice of the customer into decision-making, Tom has time and again also proven his mettle as a llama wrangler, trekker, sailor, skier, schnapps drinker and bon vivant. When pressed for details on progress, he often quotes Maxwell Smart by saying, "missed it by that much." Tom's role on the trip is chief mechanic, navigator, and trail boss.

Zaya: Artist, filmmaker, and aspiring adventurer, Zaya's job as a waitress at the poshest restaurants in Washington brought her in contact with the acme of American political aristocracy. After her first major adventure, Zaya learned the lesson that all travelers must at some point embrace: with limited space don't prioritize make-up over a raincoat. With a can-do attitude and belief that the world is better for meeting a Mongolian she draws on the kindness of strangers whenever she needs it. Zaya's role is lead photographer, language specialist, and chief imbiber.

Sledge: Polymath, motorcyclist, geologist and subaquarist, Sledge hails from the steamy jungles of Mississippi where he learned at a young age that moonshining without the proper connections is a one way ticket into the US Coast Guard. For him, there are two types of people in the world: there are those that take action and then there’s a whole lot of folks not worth dealing with. Organized, detailed, and a true team player, Sledge’s travel ambitions are met only by his endless desire and capacity to fulfill them.  Sledge’s role on the team is master of quotations, chief of operations research, and to ask, Really? Why?, whenever someone suggests something innately silly.

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