Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Progress Report

Team Red Thread has been making progress. We’ve developed a solid understanding of what the adventure is going to entail and are continuing our research on all fronts, by which we mean everything from road conditions, through visa requirements, and where the best pubs are in Moldova. We’ve received sage advice about handling medical emergencies and to memorize the phrase “I am not a spy” in 15 languages. We’re also feeling a growing sense of awe about the impact our adventure can have on the lives of thousands of children. As we start building momentum we have been looking for analogies that can best explain what we’re doing. Our 10,000 mile journey across Asia is the equivalent of driving across the United States three times - back to back to back. Most folks we’ve talked to understand that means it’s a heck of a long way. When we talk about our goal of raising $211,600 - a dollar for every child Half the Sky Foundation will touch with its programs in the next five years - people understand that’s a big hairy objective. But that’s what it’s going to take to change the lives of thousands of children and to change the world for generations to come. We’ve almost hit our first $5,000 in donations and are building our base. Encourage everyone that you know to join us on the website, our Facebook page and Twitter. We’re only just starting our engines!  

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