Saturday, February 9, 2013

Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day

- This shouldn't be all that hard, after all we did the Mototaxi Junket and survived that.
- Can we take Eric's motorcycle from last year? He said all the mechanics were rebuilt and aside from the electrics it's in pretty good shape.
- Let's see, the cheat sheet says her name is Eva and that she was pulled out of a ditch last year by a tank. I saw that on Eric's video, that was pretty funny.
- Let's roll her out of the garage and try getting her started.
- There's a trick to this kickstarting. Ok, turn her over and get the cylinders aligned so that you get the maximum throw, got it. It's that flick the Russians all seem to know how to do. The flick at the end of the kick.
- Yeah, yeah, you have a go. Ok - dammit, that started her up. I'll drive first and get her round the corner. It would be embarrassing to have to be pushed at this point.
- Ice, snow, brakes. Don't need a front brake - really a total waste of time. Logically, he's right. Wheel lock up on ice and besides I can slow down with the engine. We will need to drive incredibly defensively. Just like we did in Peru, maybe more so.
- Ease off on the clutch and whoa! A hard right, clutch in, easier on the throttle, easier. Ok, that's better. Forward motion is a good thing. I'm going to die out there. I know it.
- It's like being on the set of Schindler's List or Indiana Jones, or something.
- Right turn ahead - watch out for right turns because you may tip. Crap! The damn thing wants to roll over. Ok, Ok, slowly around the corner, now. I'm a wuss!
- Sh*t, there's a truck and a car and deep snow, just follow the other guys, not so bad, not so bad, okay, uh-oh, truck from my left, he's a big bastard. Wheee! Little wheel spin there and we're around! Just don't make me stop. Don't for God's sake make me stop!
- We need to go back the other way to practice lefthand turns. It's time Zaya had a go.
- Not too bad, not too bad, but the rear brake doesn't seem to work. Could you check it and make sure it's not operator error?
- A donut at the entrance - very nice. Oh, the folly of youth! Yeah, yeah, that's what I figured, brake's fine, it's the operator.
- We're on our way! Holy crap, we're on our way!

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