Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Carpool Tunnel

As I type I have just relaxed my hands long enough from the panic strap to write a few words with my head buried in my laptop. Looking up induces palpitations as Tom keeps Swifty floored and redlined in an effort to make up for my somewhat more meandering approach to the adventure. Having traveled pretty widely with Tom, on reflection I realized that I’d only ever driven short distances with him. - including one occasion when we mistakenly followed the instructions on a GPS system and wound up a half hour late for a company dinner. Fortunately the blurred Czech countryside is more like low Bavarian Alps and not terribly interesting. So putting my head down and keeping the blog up is a restful alternative to paying any attention to my surroundings. Cue Carmen and raise the volume. 
Thus far our journey today has consisted of an eight kilometer run to a restaurant for ham and eggs, a pause for four new Barum tyres, a drive through tour of Prague and a kielbasa stop on the way to Bratislava. Thankfully, quite a few of the locals speak German, because they sure as heck don’t speak much English here. That allows me to brush up on my only foreign language while not feeling completely useless. Tom speaks Spanish. Which means, at the frequent times when my German and English come to naught and I have induced complete misunderstanding in the other party, he gesticulates wildly and jabbers away. As a rule it’s been very effective. 

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