Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dog Daze

Dogs in Romania are unlike any we have seen. They wander about apparently without owners, but they wander with a purpose. They all seem to have a mission and are doggedly pursuing it. Besides that they are insufferably cute. So cute in fact we wondered why Disney hadn’t made a film about them already - or perhaps they have. They roam off-leash and benignly approach you looking for love or food, or preferably both. Generally these dogs are not large, mostly less than 50 lbs. and many look like a cross between a dachshund and a chihuahua. At the border crossing to Moldova there was a small pack wandering from car to car looking for handouts. They had figured out that where there were long lines of cars, people either dropped food or held out a morsel now and again. In Vama Veche we saw one little guy walking off towards town like a retired postman might head for the pub. The dogs don’t fight, but rather seem to work as a team - the small ones at the front to soften the heartstrings, the larger ones coming up behind to act as the muscle just in case. The few dogs we’ve seen on leashes seem a comparatively unhappy lot, yearning perhaps for the freedom of their bohemian brethren. Perhaps, but most of the pups were very thin and looked like they needed a good bath and dose of flea powder. Not unlike a Mongol Rallyist after a few weeks on the road, I’ll wager. 

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