Friday, July 22, 2011

Time to Go

For something that’s taken nine months to organize, quite why there’s all this last minute rushing around is a bit of a mystery. There’s the roof rack, bungee cords and rope, a full medical kit, yep - with sutures and billy tins, oh and knives and forks and cups for tea and sleeping bags, and gas cans that we’ll get in the east, water carriers and duct tape and spare bulbs for the continent along with high visibility jackets, but what about the spanners, and keys - the garage never found the spare - where is that switch for the inverter and what about charging the cameras anyway, oh and the paperwork with several copies of the passport, a V5 with someone else’s name and evacuation insurance with an emergency contact half a world away, and no, we’re not taking weapons - what is the matter with you people - an international driving permit, two more driver’s licenses and guidebooks in PDF format, lots of books for small kids in English as gifts for when we get there, maps of the route, let’s hope that Tom remembers them, tickets for the EuroTunnel, cash and equivalents, health card, immunization records, computer, cell phone - well that will need a card when we get there - last minute post to the one I love on Facebook, oh and check the pressure in the spare, fill the back with camping gear, an air mattress and seam sealer, don’t forget the matches, what else is there, probably nothing that can’t be bought on the road once we’re underway. A special thanks to everyone that’s helped, donated and otherwise made this possible. Remember, it’s all for the kids…

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